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Intro & Your Consultation

First and foremost, Microblading is not as invasive and uncomfortable as one may think. Lindsay's techniques and expertise keep clients very comfortable and usually, it is over before they know it. There is no downtime with her treatments. You can go out that night to dinner or to an event the following weekend feeling confident and beautiful.

Lindsay makes consultations casual and informative. She'll hear out your needs, teach you about the process and address any concerns or hesitations that you may have, and then book your appt. to come in for a treatment.

The Appointement

Appointments can vary for how many times someone may need Microblading; it is something that you will want to maintain once or twice a year. The first appointment is about an hour and a half and the first “touch up” is 4-6 weeks after your initial appt. and takes about 45 minutes. This touch-up appointment is important because it’s technically phase 2 after the first appointment to ensure proper implantation of the pigment. 40-60% of fading is normal 4-weeks after the initial appointment.


There are many factors involved in how long Microblading will stay on the skin. Very sensitive, oily skin may not have the long retention that dry skin would have. Treatments such as facial lasers, topical treatments such as retinol or vitamin C, and sun exposure may affect results. A big misconception of microblading is that you get very dramatic results. That is only the case with someone that is not a skilled/trained artist and they blade too deep into the skin which leads to scars and tattoos. “Long lasting“ Microblading technically isn’t supposed to last longer in the skin than a year or two without a touch-up. 99% of my clients come in for a touch-up at 6 months.


The aftercare process involves a few simple steps for up to seven days. For the entire week after your appt., you should avoid hot water, excess sweating, or steam. On the first and second days after your treatment, Lindsay says you should blot your eyebrows throughout the day with something dry such as gauze or a paper towel to pick up any fluid so they don’t scab. By day three, you can get your brows wet with cooler water while rinsing your face.

Lindsay will supply you with an aftercare form and expectations with a small sample of Aquaphor that should last you through your first appointment and touch-up. The best thing to do with Microblading overall is to let your brows heal on their own and keep them clean and dry.

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup
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