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3D Areola Tattooing 

3D Areola service is provided by licensed, certified, and trained artist Lindsay Trudell. Lindsay specializes in cosmetic makeup and restorative tattooing/Paramedical tattooing. She is licensed in the state of Michigan and Certified in 3D Areolas through cosmetic and restorative tattoo artist Jody Stoski.


Lingerie Model

About The Process

3D Areola tattooing is a permanent cosmetic treatment that results in realistic-looking Areolas.
Lindsay blends colors based on the patient/client's Fitzpatrick scale, preference, previous Areola
color, and detail to create the perfect look for her clients using realistic shading, tones, colors
and 3D realism including highlighting and adding details like fine wrinkles and/or Montgomery
glands. Lindsay is including but not limited to working with Gender affirmation surgery and/or
Top surgery.

A Note On Self Confidence

Breast cancer survivors go through more than we can imagine emotionally, mentally and
physically. The physical side of breast cancer can result in breast reconstruction surgery, a
Bilateral Mastectomy, Unilateral Mastectomy, Double Mastectomy, excess scarring, Areola
discoloration or asymmetry. 3D Areola tattoos can add self-confidence, symmetry and mostly
closure to the patient's long journey. 3D Areola tattoos are an alternative to nipple

The Appointement

Before scheduling, a consultation is required to discuss health concerns, cancer history, and
other medical issues. You will receive detailed pre-care instructions before initial treatment. To
schedule a free consultation please contact Chez LouLou Salon for inquiries. Pricing will also be discussed at client consultation. Each individual has a different story regarding their journey and Lindsay is willing to help them heal with a non-invasive, cost-effective treatment.

Lindsay will meet with you one on one for an in-depth, personal and discreet consultation to
discuss your desires and needs. In the consultation, she will discuss the size, *color, and placement
of the Areola. She will assess any scar tissue or other skin specifics with the
patient/client's consent.

*melanin-rich skin tones included


A special set of tiny lining and shading needles insert customized water-based or oil-based
pigments into the skin to deliver a shaded effect and realism. Depending on skin texture, present
scarring and discoloration may result in a possible touch-up 6 weeks after initial treatment. With
any type of cosmetic or restorative tattooing, additional touch-ups may be needed in the future to
achieve the client's end results. Lindsay stays connected throughout your journey of application
and healing and understands this is a very intimate and vulnerable process.


During your appointment, Lindsay will discuss in detail the proper aftercare to heal with the best
results and you will be sent home with aftercare instructions and Tegaderm bandages. As
mentioned before, additional touch-ups may be required. Some detail can be left for future sessions such as depth, highlight, or Montgomery glands upon request. A lightweight

healing bandage will be provided directly after your treatment.

Drawing Eyebrows
About Th Process
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